As part of the Urban Games 2010 FRINGEMK and Doplgenger presented TRANSIMAGE – a new platform for the exploration and understanding of moving images. Transimage is an Arts Council England funded collaboration between UK based FRINGEMK and Serbian based Doplgenger. Transimage will provided FRINGEMK with a seriese of events dedicated to experimental film/video and new media.

FRINGEMK worked in collaboration with Vagabond Cinema [MK Independent Film] hosting a showcase experimental film night at Westbury Farm. ‘Everyman’s Dream’ by Doplgenger had its UK premier at Make a Difference, with a regional and national audience and had several further private screenings. Doplgenger and FRINGEMK Assistant travelled to Yorkshire for various film screenings and meetings with key persons and UK film-makers. Doplgenger additionally went into sixth-form media, film and arts groups to deliver lectures and screenings based on the ideas of ‘copy left’ remix and experimental media.

Transimage launched at 7-8pm on 28th September at Make a Difference, The Buszy (Central Milton Keynes) UK.

FRINGEMK is financially supported by:



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